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Many people, who have had the opportunity to travel to Germany, are preoccupied with places to live, what suits them, what conditions they want when renting,

And the appropriate places in their prices, we will show you through our topic the most important details that help you in choosing suitable accommodation in Germany.

Accommodation options available in Germany:

The possibility of buying a house or a lip: Seeking those with the right income, and the high material capacity,

which helps them to stay in place, for a long time is considered this decision, a suitable decision for them and the prices are determined

Depending on the place and prices start from 75 euros, if the area of ​​the house is small, in a rural area or housing in a small apartment,

if you do not have the ability to pay this amount

You can take a 20-year bank loan and pay a monthly fee ranging from 400 to 1,000 euros

It must take into account what repairs or living matters the household needs

: Renting

: Rent can be divided into two main type

Shared accommodation (WG Wohngemeinschaft): is to share the person housing, with other people, and has a room with its own kitchen, a living room, and a shared balcony.

: There are some pros and cons of this housing we will ask

: Housing Pros

• The price of accommodation is low

• The availability of equipment available in the housing of cooking and miscellaneous furniture.

Does not need to add any additional contracts of Internet, electricity and gas

People sharing with you will strengthen your German •

If you move to a new city, your friends will help you get to know the city •

: Negatives

. Lack of privacy and tranquility

: Private housing (apartment or house)
• The price of accommodation is higher

• The person is responsible for securing furniture, internet, electricity and gas

? How do I get suitable accommodation

• You can get suitable accommodation, either through the Makler rental office or through the use of a provision, and ask for a commission to help you find suitable accommodation.

• See the newspapers, especially the Sunday newspaper (Sonntagszeitung).

• Focus on advertising posters, scattered in universities, supermarkets, universities and hospital.

• Search for accommodation, through various sites on the Internet, there are many specialized sites, to provide rooms or apartments furnished, including this site is dedicated to these areas

Bochum, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen, Köln, Wupperta.

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http: //

: Some important points of the brief contract

• Side expenses (Nebenkosten)

It includes trash, outdoor lighting, and many other things related to housing. It is added to the monthly rent, and it is placed as an item in the lease contract and the housing declaration

• Regarding electricity and gas (Strom und Gas)

They are agreed through the contract, the person must agree, with the company’s electricity, gas and heating, also be on the external heating gas, it is agreed upon through monthly fees

Houses for rent in Germany Apartments for rent in Berlin for refugees

Duration of contract (Kündigung)

You should read this item, so that it is clear to you, find out the specified duration of contract termination (kündigungsfrist

: Untermiete

If you want to rent a room and have already been hired by a person, you must take the consent of the person, written consent from the lessor to allow you to rent, in addition to the contract (Untermietevertrag).

: Warranty (Kaution

Which is to take the lessee, two months or three months, in order to ensure the right, if any damage leads to repairs to housing.

Allow legal rest times (Gesetzliche Ruhezeiten):
Some times, where you do not have to disturb neighbors, it is legally forbidden, through any noise such as the occurrence of some sounds, vacuum cleaner or nail hole in the wall, and that these times vary from one city to another,

But the recognized times are


• Normal days are from 22:00 to 7:00.

These rules must be respected and, if necessary, must be authorized by neighbors.

: Some necessary notes

: Nachmiete

Means that the tenant wants to sell furniture, and buy new furniture for housing and this takes you time and trouble.

: Zwischenmiete

Which is to be paid for a fixed period, is agreed upon and be temporary because there are many, students who need housing, through their study in one of the foreign countries,

Or spend the summer vacation, they will rent an apartment or room for them.

• Tax laws are not fixed and variable, you can always follow them through specialized sites or news.

Search for homes in Germany Prices for rent apartments in Germany

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